Seattle Data 2015-03-05 12:00:00
We are proud to announce that the JAGA project has finally been deployed! Check out the features... ===================== FEATURES INDEX * main domain: aggregate site showing recent posts from all channels and categories. * subdomain: shows channel-specific recent posts HOME * personalized; only available when logged in * shows posts from channels that the user is subscribed to CHANNELS * users can create channels * a theme must be selected for the channel * at least one category must be assigned to the channel CATEGORIES * users can select existing categories for their channels, or create new ones POSTS * users can post to any channel and any category * posts can include images and an outbound link. * posts can be marked as events; date & time can be set. * posts can have geographic coordinates; latitude and longitude can be set. * posts can be edited and deleted by OP. COMMENTS * users can comment on any post in any category on any channel. * plaintext only and observe line breaks. * comments can be deleted. USERS * have individual profiles * can subscribe to channels; this personalizes HOME MESSAGING (IMO) * users can send each other private messages LICENSE JAGA's codebase powers and is available for use on your domain under the copyleft GNU Affero General Public License. Licensing JAGA under the AGPL was intended to encourage participation in the project and assure that the code remains non-commercial and non-proprietary. The AGPL allows anyone to use the code while mandating that, where the code is redistributed or run on a network, any modifications to the code must be shared. If this applies to you or your project, we request that you make your code available via a public GitHub repository. Please also consider submitting pull requests for inclusion in the master. JOIN TEAM JAGA. =====================